We are made of 99,9% of DATA

A beautiful landscape, but where do you wanna go?

Which goal do you want to achieve? Online sales, lead generation or just engagement and equity?

Lot of people approaching the online world believe it’s easy to gain results and only a few realize every click has a different value: that’s the reason why analyze every single data to find the best strategy for our customers.

Social media to be beautiful and strong

We define both organic and paid social media strategies to improve brands equity, support online and offline sales and create a community. We create editorial contents starting from shooting, video shots and creativity. We write copy and develop periodic reports to examine results and keep them with further optimizations.

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SEO and SEA to bring you at the top

We create in-depth websites’ performance audits to identify best positioning. Using advanced tools, we study every type of keyword, from short to long tail, to bring our customers on top of the SERP.

Check your inbox: there’s a message for you

Today lead is one of most valuable asset for digital marketing strategists. We meticulously take care of it, intercept it, follow it and make it grow by multi-funnel Email marketing strategies focused on fixed business goals. 

Influencer marketing to generate buzz

We offer our clients a complete influencer engagement activities: from scouting to results monitoring. Through product placement we create a strong buzz around brand, by selecting profiles addressed to different market segments. We choose micro-influencer for focused strategies that speaks to really precise targets and arrive to “big” influences to create endorsement and brand awareness.

Data analysis and reports to make you understand the way to go

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess  to anything”: in a digital world where datas are the main protagonists, it is important not only to work with them but also to analyze and present them to our customers. Audits, analysis and reports are crucial assets for us to share business goals and performances with our customers.

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