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ATL campaigns: go big to leave a mark!

We live in a fast, full-of-inputs world where attract our audience attention is more and more difficult.

In Sun-TIMES we focus on messages content and involve our experience to create ATL campaigns that maximize brands impact and really leave a mark!


Huawei campaigns don’t pass unnoticed! The brand experienced an exponential growth over the last years and Italy has always been the European leading country, creating international best practices thanks to its implementations and local activities.

In Sun-TIMES we managed every press and billboarding campaigns in the main Italian cities, as well as special visibility projects like the domination of the Milan metro station Cadorna.

International campaign: 3D film

We have been entrusted for a special project to communicate the launch of the new Matebook series in Europe.

We have thought and studied a graphic concept embracing the idea of “Beyond what you see”. The result is a 3D video – dynamic and captivating.

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