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Are you ready to create projects that leave their mark? Are you enthusiast and passionate about marketing and communication? We are the place you have been looking for.

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We really receive a lot of CVs. If you would stand out and impress us, here are not one but five advices!

NO to Europass. We are a creative agency.  We are open to everything but banalities.


NO to 792018 information of no interest for the role you are applying. Less but impacting information.


YES to tell us the reasons why you are a ninja at your work: that’s why we ask for a real motivational letter.


YES we will look at your Linkedin, Behance and Facebook profiles. We work with Social in a Social world so we like to see how you use them.


YES enthusiasm is essential to be part of the Sun-TEAM BUT NO it’s not enough, so YES you have to be special!

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