SUNTIMES starts the party with
Wyborowa and Comehome

Wyborowa, a famous Polish vodka brand of multinational Pernod Ricard, has launched the People Mixology contest in collaboration with Comehome, entrusting SUNTIMES with the management of the contest and the creation of creative materials.

The Art of Mixing Drinks and People

For the name of the contest, we interpreted the term Mixology in two senses that fully represent the identity of this collaboration between Wyborowa and Comehome: on the one hand, the art of mixing drinks, and on the other hand, the stimulating atmosphere that is created by meeting different people. Even the graphics immediately evoke the joyful and carefree atmosphere of parties, with brightly colored balloons also representing the meeting of many different people that immediately creates cheerfulness and a desire to be together.

Have Fun with the Party Kit!

The People Mixology contest was run entirely by SUNTIMES and includes, with the purchase of a bottle of Wyborowa vodka, a chance to win 35 Boxes and for 5 people free participation in a Comehome event, the innovative Italian app that allows people to organize private events where they can meet new people and have fun together. Each of the 35 Boxes up for grabs contains 3 mule mugs and 2 glasses, steel straws, a shaker, a stirrer and a strainer, a Comehome water bottle, a Comehome tote bag and stickers, a bottle of Wyborowa vodka and a board game, with which to have fun together: the graphics of the Boxes, as well as the bottle collars inviting people to participate in the contest, were created from the key visual we designed.

The party goes Social

The key visual was also adapted for all social campaign materials and also for landing page dedicated to the contest.

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