an omnichannel strategy

Oppo Italy chooses SUNTIMES as omnichannel agency. Thanks to a holistic approach to communication, from the creative idea to the point of sale, SUNTIMES is OPPO’s single point of contact for ATL, BTL, Digital and Social. A cross team best supports all activities and in particular digital ones, field in which OPPO wants to become a reference point for its smartphone features.

Find X3 goes ON AIR

We created the TVC for the launch of the OPPO Find X3 Series, broadcasted in spring 2021 by major Italian TV stations. The creative concept talks of an imaginative journey to rediscover colour and discover the future, made possible by the high technology of the Find X3 Series.

TikTok: 15 seconds of creativity

To intercept an ever-increasing pool of users, OPPO has landed on TikTok where it publishes content that emphasizes the advanced features of the devices for taking photos and videos, with entertaining storytelling in line with the platform’s typical language. For the launch of the OPPO Find X3 Series e and the wearable ecosystem, a special partnership with Defhouse creators was also activated: the goal of OPPO is to support very young tiktokers during their daily lives by making the creative process innovative and simple.

Facebook: seize the (social) moment

For the Facebook page of OPPO Italy, in addition to the contents on products and promotions in progress, Instant Marketing Moment – which ride the trends of the moment – and Plan The Moment are presided over. Also, crucial to establishing a relationship with the community and engaging them is community management, with daily management of comments, mail and UGC.

Instagram: discover the beauty

The Instagram feed has become a gallery of the highest quality photos highlighting the potential of devices as photographic tools. With the stories, content with a focus on product features and special initiatives such as the collaboration with Treedom for World Earth Day or the OPPO Crew, the Ambassador program launched by OPPO, are conveyed.

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