Smeg Galileo

for Galileo international launch

Galileo Multicooking Technology is the innovative technology of a new generation of Smeg ovens that combines traditional, steam and microwave cooking for flawless results. The Italian appliance brand chooses SUNTIMES for its international launch: from branding to concept, up to social strategy

Italian Innovation, Creativity, and Quality

Galileo Multicooking Technology’s logo and creative concept has been inspired by the deflector circle – another innovation inside ovens. Made in Italy and Innovation are reminded by is the genius of Galileo Galilei, the father of modern science. The logo is therefore made up by three concentric circle on a background that reminds the space: these orbits also represents the three different type of cooking that are possible with Smeg ovens.

From SUNTIMES to every country

Starting from the concept, all materials for the launch campaign were adapted, which was the subject of a social strategy articulated in three moments.

A teasing phase focused on elements of cultural heritage and images evocative of Italian cuisine and aimed at generating hype in users.

A second central phase of the actual launch, in which products with the innovative technology signed Smeg were presented and, finally, a sustain phase with more educational and awareness content. The SUNTIMES signature strategy, as well as all creative assets, were shared and adopted by all countries where Galileo technology was launched.

Choose the perfect oven for your needs

For the product launch, we created a website where users can discover the oven best suited to their needs with an interactive quiz, and then configure it by combining aesthetic lines, colours, and features according to their needs and taste. We also created a digital brochure that contains more detailed information and instructions for getting the most out of your oven and its accessories.

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