The Food Media Company
born in Sun-TIMES

Passion for Italian cuisine, desire to undertake a new challenge on the food marketing sector and the willing to explore new international markets: these have been the three ingredients for Eattiamo, a digital startup project that collected funds from Italian and foreign investors. An American corporation 100% managed in Sun-TIMES, consolidated on the US market since 2016 and became a real media company food for Italian brands interested in growth on the American market.

Italian Food Subscription Boxes

Eattiamo is the first startup that brings every month a box containing a selection of Italian products directly on the table of hundreds of American families along with all the information to cook them easily and quickly. Every month a new culinary experience for the customer and a chance to grow in the American market for the producers. Eattiamo can rely on a trusted network of more than 100 producers representing the best Italian gastronomy. Thanks to ad hoc food marketing operations we give the right importance to Italian food, communicating producers values and promoting its purchase on international markets.

Food Industry digitalization

We fully manage an e-commerce platform for online products sale, working on website’s organic positioning, contents creation (pictures, video tutorial, animations), ADV campaigns and digital strategy on Instagram and Facebook. We deal with B2C and B2B sales, customer care, product surveys, influencer activation, CRM strategy and report on the American market.

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