Elodie x Wella

Elodie and the new Shinefinity campaign
celebrate the power of transformation

It is SUNTIMES that brings a breath of fresh air for Wella Professionals Italy, planning the new awareness campaign Shinefinity, focused on change, with Elodie as its ambassador.

Time for a change

Wella’s new awareness campaign for the launch of Shinefinity, the latest-generation demi-permanent colour treatment that enhances colour while giving shine, is aimed at the younger audience, celebrating the positive value of change. Evolution, in fact, passes right through hairstyle artists, authentic game changers capable of bringing out the brightest part of us. We tell this in the campaign film that enhances the positivity of transformation by playing with three different hairstyles that are the protagonists of summer 2022: a glossy effect long bob, a very high ponytail, and long, loose, natural hair.

Young, Wild and Elodie

Face of the campaign is Elodie, fashion icon and inspirational muse for those who love to experiment and discover the best version of themselves every day. The famous singer with 2.3 million followers is the first brand ambassador for Italy of the leading hair style brand. With her strong personality and propensity for artistic and aesthetic evolution, Elodie collaborates with Wella and the brand’s young and talented hair artist partner Andrea Soriga, who transforms the singer’s look for the summer.

Mission anywhere you look

To intrigue and enliven the brand’s Instagram community, a three-phase strategy was devised: a teasing phase, the reveal, and a sustain phase.

Of course, we could not forget about TikTok: On the day of the official launch, a One Day Max is planned that sees the fifteen-second promotional video published for 24h in top feeds.

The campaign video will also be featured on Youtube and Spotify, while the other creative materials will go to preside, through programmatic platforms, some of the best online newspapers. Accompanying the campaign by taking it to the streets is a billboard in downtown Milan to highlight the brand’s new ambassador and the luminous and natural effect of the new Wella Professionals product.

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