From the app design to
PR activation: presenting Cyclone

Willing to exploit their experience and undertake a new challenge, Moreno Moser and Gianni Moscon created Cyclone, a kit to make the cycling experience smarter.
The two pro cyclists chose Sun-Times to support the launch campaign.

From Digital...

From packaging design to coordinated image and advertising campaign: Sun-TIMES managed every aspect of the product launch.
The strategy was driven by a target study and included the main online touch point with a specific focus on social media.

... to Gazzetta dello Sport

A digital launch… but not only! We also realized a PR activation by engaging La Gazzetta dello Sport – main sports media in Italy – and other important sector’s media.

Simple but appealing: the app design

We developed the entire app design creating a simple layout and a graphic that makes it easy to see and analyze real-time recorded datas.

The corporate video

To support the launch campaign, an institutional video was filmed to describe the product plus.

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